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Welcome to Visit Prestwick.

A concept tourism campaign for Prestwick, Scotland.

Visit Prestwick Square.jpg

The Design:

When creating a tourism campaign for my hometown of Prestwick, the first step I wanted to take was to create a design based on vintage railway travel posters, that would transfer seamlessly to a retro postcard series. I decided to take eight of Prestwick's best known landmarks, design each individually and place them in a collage representing the town's best assets, all above our best asset of all, our beach and shoreline.

To design the landmarks I first walked into town and took high quality photographs of each one from what I believed was it's most iconic angle, and used those images as a base for the designs. Further additions to complete the design included another of Prestwick's best known assets, golf, as well as dogs walking on the beach and flower pots visible on Main Street year round.

I also decided to give the campaign an official tourism slogan, "The historical gateway to Scotland", taking inspiration from the aviation history of Prestwick Airport. The design can also be altered to different sizes for different media in the future.

Future Plans:

The Visit Prestwick concept series is still in its early stages with more planned for the future! The first step was creating the postcard design and eventually selling in local gift shops to gauge consumer response, if the design receives enough positive feedback then the next stage would be to create additional products (i.e. tea towels, tote bags, magnets, keyrings, coasters, etc.) Below is the finished postcard design, and although plans to sell to the general public have been halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am still hoping to pursue that next step in 2021. Updates will be announced on Kylonian Design social media channels when that stage comes!

Postcard Front.jpg
Postcard Rear.jpg
Visit Prestwick.jpg
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