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Welcome to The Lessons of Love.

Sidonie Lawrie is a certified relationship and intimacy coach.

The Branding:

The Lessons of Love.png

Sidonie is a great friend to me and developing her new brand and website together was an absolute joy! The Lessons of Love is the official brand name for her life-changing work as a relationship and intimacy coach and we hoped to create a brand that reflected that warm, friendly and professional feel to her work.

With The Lessons of Love written in a flowing script font we connected that seamlessly to a rose, a symbol of love and hope worldwide, with a pink watercolour cloud behind creating a soft welcoming colour scheme to match the comforting atmosphere Sidonie creates with her work.

The Website:

The core of the project was to develop for Sidonie an all-new website that would serve as a hub for her and her clients, where they could purchase coaching plans, access resources and communicate regularly with Sidonie herself.

With hard work and extra help with web coding from Salman Mahmud, we were delighted with the end result. We were able to build a platform that has helped Sidonie soar and help so many people completely transform their outlook on love and mental well-being.

I can't recommend Sidonie enough and you can check out everything she has to offer now at

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