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Welcome to Ruth Gibson Artwork.

Ruth is an equine and pet portrait artist from Ayrshire, Scotland.

The Branding:

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Ruth required for her brand "Ruth Gibson Artwork" a new logo, business cards and flyers to match and a website re-design. Working together we hoped to create a brand image that personified her love of art, nature and life.


With the logo the aim was to combine different elements to create an image that emphasised both the art Ruth creates, and the inspiration for that art. The use of a pencil as the tool for the artwork seemed apt for the base of the logo itself, building around this the element of earth to emphasise life, including the aspect of nature growing around the pencil itself, and the image seemed to come together.

The finished product we believed brought together an image of Ruth Gibson Artwork that captures the inspiration and source of passion for each portrait. Using the logo as a base, we have also been able to scale down and use specific parts of the tree for secondary branding, bringing together the brand as a complete package. 

Advertising & Marketing:

For the business cards of Ruth Gibson Artwork simplicity was key, having the front side with full logo and secondary branding elements as the primary focus to fully showcase the brand, with contact details underneath on easy-to-read white. On the back we have the branding elements as a base, and as the central element a trio of Ruth's original portraits, showcasing the incredible artwork that she offers as well as individual pieces that are available to purchase.

We also created gift cards for Ruth, working on a design and functionality that would help offer a different approach to ordering her work. The design features her branding elements throughout, in backgrounds with alternating two-tone colours and her logo and portraits displayed clearly in the centre.

For the flyers, again simplicity was key, showcasing seven portraits that we feel best portrays the variety of different styles of her work, with information and contact details in a fully branded section to the lower right.

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The Website:

To complete the new design package, we decided to update Ruth's already created website to reflect the new brand. Adding the new logo and updating the colour scheme and text to fully create the feel of the same branding throughout.


At a later date we completed a major update of the website including updated galleries, a blog section and most importantly the new centrepiece online store, with Ruth's incredible original artworks available to purchase as prints. You can view and buy Ruth's beautiful work now right here at

The Rebranding Process:

The current branding of Ruth Gibson Artwork is the second look that the brand has had, when we worked together with Ruth in 2018 to first design how Ruth Gibson Artwork would look, the original colour scheme we chose was primarily navy blue, as you can see in the example shown, with white as secondary and contrasting shades of blue to create the branding elements.

Upon entering 2019 we decided to work together again to refresh the brand, creating the new and improved website that exists today, and also altering the colour scheme while retaining the existing logo and branding we created previously. Moving away from blue, we graduated towards shades of green, with more earthy tones we felt was a more apt colour scheme to reflect the nature of Ruth's artwork. Symbolising the connection to the natural world and the inspiration for the artwork was very important, and we feel the re-brand - along with the new site provides an excellent platform for Ruth Gibson Artwork to flourish and grow through 2019 and beyond.

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