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Welcome to Prestwick Film Festival.

The first annual film festival to be held in Prestwick, Scotland.

Friends of the Broadway

The Friends of the Broadway Prestwick logo shown above was not created by Kylonian Design.

The Background:

Prestwick Film Festival is the first annual film festival to be held in Prestwick, founded in its inaugural year of 2019 by Friends of the Broadway Prestwick, a community group and registered charity looking to re-open the abandoned Broadway Cinema in the centre of Prestwick town. I had followed the group for many years, and when the opportunity arose to become involved, I was delighted to become an official member of the group in August 2018, and then a director in January 2019. When I was welcomed to the group we had grown to 8 members, we now have over 250, with the hope to expand further through and beyond the film festival. The building has lay unused since the early 2000s and the people of Prestwick have shown, through a town charrette in 2016 and continued support for our group from the local community, that there is a real demand for cinema to return the town of Prestwick. You can view the group's aims and current progress and keep up to date with current events at the official Friends of the Broadway Prestwick Facebook page here or our official website!

The Branding:

Creating the logo for the film festival was one of my most enjoyable projects to date, the opportunity to be creative for a local community-based project I am already so involved with and so passionate about was an incredible opportunity. For the colour scheme of the film festival brand, we aimed to echo the existing brand for Friends of the Broadway Prestwick, showing continuity between the festival and our group. For the logo itself I took the direction of a vintage film reel, flowing in a wave with the same shape horizontally flipped behind, creating the effect of alternating waves symbolising the sea and Prestwick's location on the Ayrshire coast. With Film Festival written in a wave across the film and Prestwick proudly standing above, I then experimented again with the image of a film reel, adding in place of the simple dot of the "i" in Prestwick the symbolism of six circles, adding a further visual reference to the overall look of the brand.

Prestwick Film Festival 2019 Logo.png

Advertising & Marketing:

To advertise and raise awareness for the festival, we developed a marketing campaign to run throughout Prestwick and other surrounding towns in South Ayrshire. Posters, flyers, banners and tickets were all created to develop a truly professional look to the event, building excitement in the area in the weeks leading up to the event was a joy and proved very beneficial with the film festival itself being a great success. 


For the design of all marketing materials used, the film spool in the centre of the logo became the primary branding element throughout, using creative repetition and the official Friends of the Broadway Prestwick colour palette we were able to create beautifully effective imagery of vintage cinema curtains, like that would have been pride of place in the auditorium of the Broadway itself for many years.


The poster created was the most distributed item in the lead up to the event, appearing in shop windows and noticeboards all across town, with the full event schedule listed with dates, prices and start times.


To supplement the poster we also created a folded flyer design, which also showed the film schedule in greater visual detail, using the film reel in the logo to positive effect in displaying the title of each film below the official promotional artwork in small boxes or "cinema screens". In addition to the schedule and to give greater detail in the flyers, we also added a section on the history of the event and the group itself, along with a simple map design.

The map was also used on the reverse of the official ticket design to provide that essential information, on the front side of the tickets we designed them with reusability in mind, with space to manually write the necessary details of the specific showing and the ticket type purchased. We also used the version of the logo without the year printed below, so that the tickets could be reused in following years without the need for an updated design.

Prestwick Film Festival Poster.jpg
Prestwick Film Festival Ticket Front.jpg
Prestwick Film Festival Ticket Back.jpg
Film Festival Flyer Outside Pages.jpg
Film Festival Flyer Inside Pages.jpg
Prestwick Film Festival Banner.jpg
Prestwick Film Festival Banner 2.jpg

The final designs created were that of two banners, to both help raise awareness for the event by advertising in the centre of town. The first larger banner was displayed pride of place at Prestwick Cross on Main Street for the entirety of the festival, showing the full film schedule as well as some background to the event and the group. The second smaller banner was designed to be displayed outside each venue on the day of the showing, helping direct visitors and passers-by to the location of the event.

The Future:

The long-term goal of the group regarding Prestwick Film Festival is for the event to become an annual affair. Returning every year and providing the town with an event to look forward to, the format of the festival may change over time and we hope this will be reflected with how the group and our project moves forward. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic the 2020 iteration of the film festival did have to be cancelled, however we hope that the event will again return in 2021. We also hope that eventually Prestwick Film Festival will be an annual event held in the Broadway itself, that once the building is re-opened as the community cinema we hope it will be, the event will be a highlight of the year for the town with potential for several different formats and variations available. Updates will be posted on Friends of the Broadway Prestwick social media accounts and website whenever they become available.

Prestwick Film Festival 2021 Logo.png
Prestwick Film Festival.jpg
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