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Papa Jimmy's Diner Secondary Logo (Blue)

Welcome to Papa Jimmy's Diner.

A concept design of a retro American diner in Prestwick.

The Aims & Objectives:

Papa Jimmy's Diner is an original project by Kylonian Design, based on creating an American diner concept at a current building and location in the town of Prestwick in Scotland. The aim of this project is to showcase what is possible for the current structure, and the potential for the development of the site with a concept I believe would be a success for the area.

For re-developing the current building I hoped to create a retro look fitting to the created branding, repainting the base structure white with red and blue stripes as the primary styling cues. The borders at the top of both levels have been built up slightly, and along the top overhang section of the building I have attached a yellow neon strip along the perimeter, and a diner sign in the centre. Windows and doors would be replaced and added on both levels, with more created on the ground floor where the main entrance would be and where inside the service counter and primary seating would be located, the kitchen would be located in the lower left section of the building closest to the road. The top floor would have additional seating and, for warm weather, outdoor seating would also be situated on the balcony for panoramic views over the sea. Papa Jimmy's signage would also be added in the form of wall-art in several sections with the secondary logo primarily used. In the forecourt in front of the building (not pictured) there is an existing unused flag pole that could be modified to hold a new neon diner sign modelled on the primary logo (see below).

On top of the building there are three flags: the Scotland and United States of America flags representing both the home country of the diner and the land of inspiration for the food and style of the diner. The Swedish flag is a special addition to pay tribute to Annie Borjesson, Annie was a young Swedish student living in Scotland when she tragically lost her life on Prestwick Beach in December 2005. Annie's death remains a mystery and the case remains open and unsolved to this day, the pain suffered by Annie's family will of course have been unimaginable, and it is heartbreaking such a tragic event took place in our town. That is why the Swedish flag would fly proudly over the diner and beachfront, to pay tribute to Annie.

Scotland Flag.png
United States of America Flag.png
Sweden Flag.png

The location in question is Prestwick Beach along the promenade next to Prestwick Sailing Club, at this site lies an abandoned building, most recently Prestwick Health & Fitness Club it has been empty and disused for now over 20 years. I believe this site has excellent potential to become a focal point of the beach and greatly benefit the town by attracting more people to visit. The current building appears still structurally sound, with the exterior shell evidently available for redevelopment, with the interior of the building without question requiring a full refurbishment and reconstructing.

The Branding:

Papa Jimmy's Diner Logo (2D).png
Papa Jimmy's Diner Secondary Logo (Red).

When it came to creating the brand of the diner I wanted to instantly capture old-fashioned Americana in a diner aesthetic. The classic neon signage that was designed to attract passers-by with bright lights and the promise of warmth and comforting food was exactly the type of atmosphere I hoped to convey. With creating the logo in this style I was able to use bold text with strong colours and allow flexibility with the variations that become available when altering the logo in different ways. When shrinking the logo down it can become minimalist in style, by removing extra text and space, it can also be re-coloured for different purposes.

As well as the primary diner logo there has also been a secondary logo created that is simply 'Papa Jimmy's' written in retro font at an angle to convey a vintage feel, and that can be used on all branding and marketing materials alone or as a repeating background pattern, and shown best in our menus.

With the name of the diner I wanted to also reflect the homeliness and comfort that a diner should provide, by using a recognisable name in the title with that of a member of my own family, my great Papa Jimmy. The name is recognisable and has comforting vibes and mirrors the trend of diners in the United States in the past, taking names to convey that homely feel, the name Jimmy does that in a Scottish way.

The Menus:

Lastly, no diner concept would be complete without some menu examples and four have been created for Papa Jimmy's. We have the main menu as well as a drinks menu, kids menu and full vegan menu, and all four are available to view below. Happy reading!