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A smörgåsbord of other pieces of work created by Kylonian Design.

Aoife's Sensory Bus

A mobile sensory environment for children and young people in schools and communities in Ayrshire.

The Website:

Aoife's Sensory Bus all started from the life experiences of a beautiful little girl called Aoife who sadly died in December 2019. Aoife was diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was 16 months old and underwent several surgeries, 18 months of chemotherapy along with radiotherapy. When Aoife was receiving treatment her family noticed the enormous positive impact that sensory equipment and interactive spaces had on her and other children. The group's goal is to create a mobile sensory experience in Aoife's memory, the bus will be installed with a Sensory/Interactive environment so it can travel around schools and communities in Ayrshire for even more children to benefit. The Sensory Bus will be utilised by children and young people with additional support needs within schools and local communities of Ayrshire.

The group required an all-new tailor-made website, to post regular updates and fundraising campaigns, provide a direct link to donate to their cause and to tell more of Aoife's story and the inspiration behind the incredible project. The website was designed around their already established branding and is now live to view at!


Andrew Hind - Personal Training

A qualified personal trainer and fitness coach based in East Kilbride, Scotland.

The Branding:

Andrew required a custom made logo for his personal training business, one that reflected his work and provided a unique mark he could use on social media platforms and, hopefully in the future, business cards and flyers, etc.

The logo I created was simple and effective in its purpose, with a roundel as the base and two crossed dumbbells in the centre, immediately showing the nature of Andrew's profession and providing a strong visual image.

Andrew Hind - Personal Training frames the dumbbells around the edges of the roundel and the colour scheme chosen was black and vibrant green. The colours, requested by Andrew, provide a stark contrast to each other and further help the logo stand out from the crowd.

Logo (Green).png

Walnut & Fig

A grazing catering company from Prestwick, Scotland.

The Branding:

Walnut & Fig is a new grazing catering company from Prestwick that offers specialist catering, graze boards and hampers all with homemade Scottish produce.

For the branding of Walnut & Fig, the brief was to create a single logo; with a word-mark of varying font style and supporting icon that appropriately suited the company name and aesthetic. The requested colour scheme was that of charcoal and lighter secondary greys with bronze, to create a clean and professional look that would be suitable across all digital media and for all marketing purposes.

The icon created intended to merge both 'walnut' and 'fig' into one, by placing a walnut icon into a sliced fig mirrored by contrasting tones from the chosen colour scheme. The fonts chosen were also intended to be contrasting but professional in look, with 'Walnut' in a strong sans style and 'Fig' in a flowing script design, reflecting the feel of both parts of the name respectively.

Walnut & Fig Logo 2.png

Derek Macfarlane Joinery

A local windows and doors specialist tradesman.

The Branding:

Derek Macfarlane is a joiner specialising in windows and doors from South Ayrshire, Scotland. He is independently run and has over 25 years of experience in his trade, moving forward he required a complete branding created that was simple and recognisable to his profession.

Specialising in windows and doors I hoped to create a simple but effective logo conveying the profession instantly to the observer. By four squares faced parallel it was easy to create a window effect with alternating shades of blue, then surrounding that I was able to create a 'border' for the logo that reflects both a door's height and also a house roof at the top.

Official Logo.png

Overall creating an icon that I believe clearly represents Derek Macfarlane's trade, whilst appearing crisp and professional. With the addition of the name and profession below a full logo was completed that could be used across all medias for printing and marketing purposes, including business cards as shown.

Business Card Front.jpg
Business Card Rear.jpg


A retro pancake house concept.

The Branding:

Maple's is a concept brand for a pancake house that was created as a one-off experiment from a close friend's artwork. Lynne sketched the character in the logo for a costume she was planning to create for Halloween, Lynne has an incredible talent for sketching and sewing and can create beautifully made homemade clothes from her own wonderful drawings. From this specific design we discovered it could make a perfectly suitable logo for a pancake house, and after some digital creating we arrived at Maple's.

It creates a fun brand aesthetic and one that is welcoming and friendly, which I believe would create a homely atmosphere. The name Maple's refers to maple syrup that of course would be a staple in the pancake house's menus, and can also be taken as a character's name, such as the ballerina in our logo.

Maple's Girl.png

A Night at the Musicals

Poster and ticket design for a local musical theatre group performance.

The Poster & Tickets:

A Night at the Musicals was an event organised by local youth theatre group MT perform. The performance was based around a combination of famous musical theatre songs from a variety of shows, and all proceeds of the event went to children's charity Rays of Sunshine.

For the event the group required a poster and ticket design with an Art Deco theme. Therefore, a custom Art Deco background was created, incorporating the group's name into the design and using a black and gold colour scheme to further express that Art Deco feel.

A Night at the Musicals Ticket Front.jpg
A Night at the Musicals Ticket Rear.jpg
A Night at the Musicals Poster.jpg