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Welcome to the brand of me!

The Fox:

When choosing a logo for the brand 'Kylonian Design' I decided from the outset that I would like a mascot. A visual image and personality to build the brand and colour scheme around, to showcase also personal design skill and one of the styles that I enjoy working with.

For the mascot itself I decided I would like an animal that symbolises intelligence, elegance and personality, as well as being an animal I have always felt attached to as a person. First drafts included a stag with antlers as the mascot, however this path led to a final product that I was unsatisfied with in terms of the appearance of the logo itself.

After some brainstorming I arrived at the fox, again an animal that I've always admired and immediately I had a vision I was excited about. The logo you see here is the finished product!

Secondary Logo (Inverted).png

The Name:

Tertiary Logo (Alternative 3).png

Kylonian Design is a name I had been set on from the very beginning. Once I had decided to pursue a career in graphic design, and began thinking about a brand for myself, the name Kylonian was always there.


At a very young age when letting my imagination run away with me I often wondered what I would call my very own fictional society, and Kylonia was what young Kyle came up with!

I decided then that the citizens of Kylonia would be called "Kylonian's" and that creation still lives strong in my memory until this day. Hence, Kylonian Design was born, from the creativity of childhood that I still hold dear to this day.

Business Card Strip.jpg

The Colours:

For the colours of the brand, the intention from the outset was to stand out, whilst retaining a group that was flexible and provided contrasts. With that aim of contrasting warm and cool colours, whilst keeping darker tones that are easy on the eye, I arrived at navy and burgundy for base colours. With the choice of the fox as mascot, orange created the perfect contrast to the darker bases, and really enabled the brand to stand out with a bright primary colour that instantly captures attention.

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