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Welcome to Derek Macfarlane Double Glazing.

Derek Macfarlane is a windows and doors specialist tradesman based in Ayrshire.

The Branding:

Derek Macfarlane is a windows and doors specialist with over 40 years of experience in his trade. Based in Ayrshire, he has worked for numerous double glazing and home improvement companies over his career and has recently started trading independently under his own name.

For Derek's branding I hoped to immediately convey the profession whilst creating a look that was clean, simplistic and memorable, the double-crossed hammer and saw design creates a striking centerpiece for the logo, with a roof design overhead tying the brand together smoothly. Contrasting tones of red and silver also create a vivid and recognisable colour scheme that will help the branding stand out in the local trade market.

You can view Derek's business Facebook page today @DerekMacfarlaneDoubleGlazing and if you are in the area and are in need of any home improvement when it comes to windows and doors there is no one who can come better recommended!

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