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Welcome to claymizz.

Statement clay earrings by Krissy Cassells.

The Branding:

Krissy Cassells is a friend and local creator that crafts beautifully made statement clay earrings and other jewellery such as hair clips and necklaces right here in Ayrshire. Working together to develop the brand of claymizz was a joy and the first step was to create a logo and brand colour palette.

The logo we created was based around one of Krissy's classic earring designs, in a soft pink colour palette creating a warm and chic vibe throughout. The brand name claymizz is written across the earring in white and we also created two different variations of the logo, optimised for vertical and horizontal use, by switching between one earring and two. Overall, we are both delighted with the completed look!

Primary Logo 1.png
Secondary Logo 1.png

The Website:

The principal element of Krissy and I's project was the creation of an official web store. A website that would act as the online shop for claymizz and that allowed visitors to learn about Krissy herself, as well as contact her directly and leave reviews of her beautiful work.

Krissy's work is incredibly popular and sells quick, her website is updated regularly with new collections and is currently available to visit at Happy browsing!

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