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Welcome to Sandfly.

An upcoming fashion brand from Ayrshire, Scotland.

The Branding:

Sandfly is soon to appear in Ayrshire as a fresh new clothing label, locally based in the surrounding community. For the branding of Sandfly I hoped to create a clean, minimalistic design that works with or without the text beneath.

Echoing the name, the logo consists of a sandfly in an elegant art deco design, with Sandfly written beneath in a complementary art deco style font. The logo can be easily transformed into different colour schemes and the primary colour scheme chosen was a warm palette of soft oranges and pinks, reflecting the sand element of the sandfly name and taking inspiration from desert sunsets and the beautiful array of colours they can display. We also created varying supplementary colour palettes too, bringing a range to the brand that can be altered depending on the items of clothing that may be created in the future.

Primary Logo (White).png
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