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A concept rebrand of AMC Networks.

The Design:

Alternate Logo (Black Background).png

One of the best opportunities to get creative as a graphic designer is with concept designs, taking an existing brand you may feel is in need of change, and reimagining it with your own look. My brand of choice for this concept rebrand was the American entertainment company AMC Networks. A classic name in television, their current logo remains unchanged from 2002 and in my opinion is in need of a refresh, so here is what I came up with!

I have a great love of hidden imagery in logos, and using abstract visuals to create a clever design that works on multiple levels. With my concept design of AMC I have created a logo that is built from nature, with the A and M created from snow-capped mountains and the C a rising, or setting, sun. That perspective is for the viewer to decide! The bright orange shade perfectly reflecting that and providing the ultimate contrast to the current black and white.

AMC Studios.jpg
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