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Primary Logo (Purple).png

Welcome to Amanda K. Smith Photography.

Amanda Smith is a wedding and landscape photographer from Ayrshire.

The Branding:

Working with Amanda to create a brand she would be proud of was a very enjoyable experience and her ideas provided inspiration that proved a delight to work with.

For the centrepiece of the logo and branding we developed together a lone stag in a minimalistic style, with an aperture icon resting between the antlers and the brand name Amanda K. Smith Photography encircling both to complete a visually strong, yet elegant look.

The colour scheme of purple and silver perfectly ties the brand together with a warm and welcoming presence digitally and in person. The logo can be transferred for light and dark backgrounds by reflecting the colours, and altered to further simplify the look as shown below.

Primary Logo (Silver).png
Primary Logo (Purple).png
Secondary Logo (Purple).png
Tertiary Logo (Purple).png
Tertiary Logo (Silver).png

The Website:

The second phase of Amanda and I's project was an official website. One which would act as a portfolio of Amanda's incredible work, with full galleries of both her wedding and landscape photographs and private galleries for each wedding she has covered.

The website was also a joy to work on and we are both delighted with how it looks today, with the site showcasing our branding in the best way possible. You can view Amanda's beautiful galleries today at

Amanda K. Smith Photography.jpg
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